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May PTO Minutes

Western Elementary School PTO
May 23, 2018 Meeting Minutes

2017-2018 Officers: Janet Kuzma, President; Andrea Biondo, Vice President; Amanda Jagello, Treasurer; Meg Pinto, Secretary

In Attendance: Dawn LaFlamme, Anshu Nanda, Amanda Linsley, Tina Miller, Amy Dorsey, Jen Hawks

Meeting called to order 7:08pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes - The April 2018 minutes were reviewed by all present. Dawn LaFlamme motioned to accept, Andrea Biondo seconded. Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer's Report - The April 2018 Treasury Report was submitted and discussed.

Old Business

Reading Rocks - We ordered rock painting supplies for the Reading Rocks schoolwide program but due to the extra days off for the recent storm and continued testing, there is not enough time for the school to do the rock painting. Discussed returning the supplies. Decided having a rock painting station at the back to school Meet & Greet in August.

Spirit Sticks - Chairpersons: Amanda Jagello & Andrea Biondo. Discussed an end of the year blow out sale. Dawn LaFlamme and Amy Dorsey volunteered. Will coordinate a date with Mrs. Goodrich. Andrea Biondo will continue to chair and will sell 4 times and for special events next year.

Yankee Candle - Chairperson: Amy Dorsey. There were numerous issues with this year's sale. Amy will chair Spring 2019 sale with special attention to coordination and reminders.

PSC -There is a Special Needs Parents Group meeting May 31st at the BOE. The Summer Block Party will take place on August 19th. Amanda Linsley volunteered to run a Western table. Trivia Night fundraiser for scholarships. Teachers after school on 9/28/18 and parents in the evening on 10/5/18. At Neary Ballroom. BYOB. Need teams. PTO Board Member Dinner June 11th at 6:30pm at Jesse Camille's.

4th Grade Yearbook & Fun Day - Chairperson: Gretchen Scully Yearbook, Gretchen Scully, Amanda Jagello & Amy Dorsey Fun Day. Yearbooks are in. Discussed including all grades in the yearbook next year and sell to grades K-3.

Mother Son Event - Chairpersons: Meg Pinto & Amanda Coles. May 11th. Went well. Meg would like to step down as chair for the event next year.

Restaurant Night - Chairperson: Anshu Nanda. May 22nd Pepe's Waterbury. Waiting to hear how much money was raised. The check will be sent from Pepe's corporate offices.

Staff Appreciation Week - Chairperson: Janet Kuzma. Week of May 7th. Everything went well. Received very positive feedback from the staff. Staff enjoyed the daily surprises from students and daily treats from PTO.

Plant Sale - Chairperson: Amanda Jagello. May 11th. Went well. Raised $793.65. Increased from last year.

Muffins with Moms / Donuts with Dads - Chairpersons: Gretchen Scully & Jen Hawks. Muffins went very well. Donuts May 25th same as field day. Will get donuts from Walmart, Stop & Shop, and check Dunkin Donuts the night before.

Playground Fundraiser - Chairpersons: Janet Kuzma & Meg Pinto. Slime your Teacher June 1st at 2pm. A student from the class of each of the teachers getting slimed will be picked to slime the teacher. A student from the entire school will get picked to slime Mrs. Goodrich.

Car wash - Chairperson: Dawn LaFlamme. Waiting to hear if Mrs. Goodrich received approval from the Board of Education. If the car wash takes place, share with town to get more attendees.

Field Day T-Shirts & Fruit - May 25th. Janet got the t-shirts from Rosenblatt's and sorted them. Janet ordered extra fruit this year and will buy popsicles.

New Business

PTO Dinner - Possible date June 13th. Allison McGrath looked into Verdi's. Discussed Vasi's Wednesday Ladies Night. More info to come.

Board Nominations - Janet Kuzma, President; Andrea Biondo, Vice President; Lauren Sagliano, Treasurer; Meg Pinto, Secretary. Dawn LaFlamme motioned to vote in nominees, Amy Dorsey seconded. All in favor.

Future Fundraising Ideas - Holiday Fair, Chip's Restaurant, Norwex.

Future Field Trip Ideas - Discussed entire school field trip for next year. Quassy was suggested.

Luau Last Day of School - Discussed ordering something for the students. Mrs. Goodrich has a lei for each student.

Science Spin - 99 cents per student. Amanda Jagello motioned to vote to order Science Spin, Amanda Linsley seconded. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57pm