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January PTO Minutes


Western Elementary School PTO

January 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes


2017-2018 Officers:  Janet Kuzma, President; Andrea Biondo, Vice President (not in attendance);

Amanda Jagello, Treasurer; Meg Pinto, Secretary


In Attendance: Brenda Goodrich, Justina Miller, Amy Dorsey, Gretchen Scully, Lauren Sagliano, Pattyanne Langston, Melissa Hinds, Jodi Luchina, Puneet Nanda


Meeting called to order 7:05 pm


Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes - The November 2017 minutes were reviewed by all present.  Amanda Jagello motioned to accept, Lauren Sagliano seconded. Minutes were accepted. 


Treasurer's Report - The November and December 2017 Treasury Report was submitted and discussed.   


Old Business


Spirit Sticks - Chairpersons:  Amanda Jagello & Andrea Biondo.  Sold 300 spirit sticks during December sale.  Will order St. Patrick's Day and Easter and a smaller quantity. 


PSC - Added meeting on January 22nd at 6:30pm at BOE.  All are welcome.  The Community Showcase will be held on February 24th.  Looking for schools to donate raffle baskets.  Amy Dorsey volunteered to run a Western table.  Discussed entering Western students who attend the showcase into a raffle to win a prize basket.  Mrs. Goodrich will put together items to include in the basket.  Western is hosting the Foley Award dinner at the Crystal Room in the spring.  A date has not been confirmed.  Mrs. Goodrich will begin contacting the Crystal Room to set the menu.


Scholastic Book Fair - Chairpersons:  Danielle Scanlon & Amy Dorsey.  Possibly set up Monday, April 23rd, Book Fair Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th, make up day Thursday 26th.  Lauren Sagliano volunteered to help and Amy will ask other book check out volunteers to help out.


Box Tops - Chairperson:  Gretchen Scully.  Next submission is March 1st.  Will have pizza party contest during two weeks in February.


Artwork Fundraiser - Chairperson:  Jen Hawks.  Not in attendance.  Discussed the fact that having the artwork and butterbraid/pastry fundraisers will be too much.  The group decided against the artwork fundraiser in favor of butterbraid/pastry fundraiser for the spring. 


Coca-Cola Points - Chairperson:  Lauren Sagliano.  Lauren will work on sending a flyer home.  Janet will post on Facebook.  Mrs. Goodrich suggested sending a letter to teachers to explain the program.


4th Grade Yearbook - Chairperson:  Gretchen Scully.  Meeting with same vendor representative as last year.  Lauren Sagliano will possibly donate a digital camera with appropriate resolution for teachers to use to take pictures of students to include in the yearbook.  Discussed sending home a parent request for photos.  Lauren Sagliano motioned to vote to allocate up to $100 to purchase yearbooks for 4th graders that do not order/hardships.  A vote was held and approved.

Yankee Candle - Chairperson:  Amy Dorsey.  Sale starts March 8th.  Pick up is April 30th.  Large jar prices dropped $5 to $20.  Yankee Candle has seen sales increase because of price drop.  The group decided that we should participate in the free student prize incentive program.  Prizes will be included with the order.


New Business


4th Grade Fun Day - Need chairperson.  In the past, purchase pizza, water, plates etc.  Students eat outside.


Restaurant Night - Puneet Nanda said his wife, Anshu Nanda contacted Rita's and they do offer fundraisers where the staff/teachers serve and the PTO will receive a portion of the sales.  We discussed having that take place in the warmer months.


Cupcake Wars - Chairpersons:  Janet Kuzma & Tina Miller.  Possible date February 26th.  Tina working with Brenda's Cupcakes to donate a cake or cupcakes.  Will work on getting cupcake box donations for grocery stores.  Last year we ran out of boxes and will try to get more this year.  Will work on getting volunteer judges from bakeries and school staff/teachers.


Father Daughter Dance/Mother Son Event - Discussed taking place consecutive weekends in the spring.  Possibly having Mother Son Spy/Detective theme.


New Treasurer for 2018-2019 School Year - Lauren Sagliano volunteered.  Thank you Lauren!  Nominations will take place in May.


Big Y Education Express - New fundraising program starting February 1st.  Mrs. Goodrich approved Janet sending home a flyer.


School Directory - Discussed giving parents the option to be included on a school directory to make it easier for families to contact one another for playdates, etc.


Indoor Recess Classroom Games Amazon Order - Chairperson:  Amanda Jagello.  $50 is allocated for each classroom.  Teachers must create, print, and submit their Amazon shopping cart of Prime items by January 19th.  Amy Dorsey motioned to hold a vote to allocate $50 for Mrs. Hayes's.  Lauren Sagliano seconded.  A vote was held and approved.


Plant Sale - Chairperson:  Amanda Jagello's last year.  May 11th.  Using same vendor.  Lauren Sagliano volunteered to chair the event in 2019.


Field Trips - None scheduled.  4th grade student won bus safety poster contest and included prize is $1,000 toward busing for Western field trips.  The group discussed using that to offset field trip costs and having the extra money to plan a whole school trip or event.  Ideas discussed were going to the movies, a play, Hartford Yard Goats or New Britain Bees game, or having a special event at school, Mad Science program, etc.


Staff Appreciation Luncheon - Chairperson:  Janet Kuzma.


Muffins with Moms / Donuts with Dads - Chairpersons:  Gretchen Scully & Jen Hawks.  Discussed ideas.


February PTO Meeting Date - The group decided to move the meeting from its scheduled date of February 14th to Wednesday February 7th so as not to conflict with Valentine's Day.


Principal's Report


  • Family & Community Engagement Committee

ü  Collecting change for veterans - using the change collected to adopt 10 military members and send care packages to them.

ü  Welcome new family members to our community

ü  Acts of kindness & involvement in your community pictures to display on bulletin board

  • School Culture Committee

ü  Spirit Day January 12th

ü  Hat Day January 26th

ü  Move Night January 19th

ü  February Puppy Love - collecting donations for an animal shelter

  • Survey Committee

ü  Organizing the 2nd career share for Friday, March 9th.  Looking for adults to share their careers.  Amy Dorsey volunteered to check in volunteers.

  • Data Committee

ü  Monitoring data (attendance, behavior referrals, bees) while creating school wide action steps to support student success.

  • MAP NWEA mid-year testing is currently taking place in the computer lab. Students are being assessed in math and reading.
  • Western continues to practice safety codes each month. So far we have practiced Fire Drill, Code Purple and Code Yellow.
  • Kindergarten Registration March 5th - 9th. if you know of any children who will be joining the Western Family, let them know about registration. A letter will be going home to families soon.
  • Kindergarten - Students are learning about goods, services and jobs. They are also learning about how they contribute to their community.
  • Grade 1 - Students are learning about sound and exploring many science experiments. They are also reading non-fiction books and learning about non-fiction text features.
  • Grade 2 - Students are exploring the three state of matter - solid, liquid, and gas. In social studies, students are continuing their study of communities and government.
  • Grade 3 - Students are learning about our nation's past and how it affects our present. They are also learning about our government and why it is important.
  • Grade 4 - Students are comparing and contrasting economies. Energy transfer is a hot topic in science.


Next meeting February 7, 2018.


Meeting adjourned at 8:18pm